Aldine and I are so glad that you came to visit Diverse City Church today. We hope your experience was amazing and that you felt welcomed the moment that you walked through the door. Please let us know if we or any of the other leaders can do anything for you and/or your family. I know you don?t know us very well, but we are crazy. We are crazy about life, crazy about God and crazy about people! My wife and I have dedicated our lives to helping people and to building the kingdom of God. That being said, please take us up on our offer and let us know if we can do anything to help, because we, Diverse City, are here for you. We know that there are many churches that are takers, but not us. We have given our lives to serving and we hope that our family and the Diverse City family can be here to serve you. Honestly, that?s the least that we can do, after all God gave us way more than we ever deserved.

Pastors James & Aldine